Starting on May 18th, somebody began posting PDFs of scanned transcript documents to a URL on the University of Chicago's first-year orientation page. Included with each new post is an image of a date and time. You can find them here:

A new fragment was posted 11 days later, on May 29th, at 11:11am (CST). This pattern continued every 11 days until the 6th post (July 12th), when the pattern changed. Instead of a new document, there was simply a message with a little riddle, asking readers to find the poster's email address and send an email in order to get the new document. The solution was to open the "Details" of the Google drive document, where one could see that the document was hosted by Ana Mead (a U of C communications assistant) with the email address ""

If you emailed Ana, she would indeed give you the document and also invited you to some kind of special Discord server.

11 days later, on July 23rd, the special message was removed and the page appears to have returned to its previous 11 day pattern. [if anyone has a screenshot of the old message, please post it!]