The futures bulletin is the first of 11 RUUN communiques.

The document discusses the Squids breaking into the RUUN facility, and the subsequent relocation of RUUN construction.

The Caesar cipher uses key 11.

Decrypted Text Edit

Dear team,

As you all know, this Sunday, July twenty-third, we experienced a break-in within the Logan shop. Clearly the temporary location was not as secure as we had been led to believe. Please know we are working to determine what caused this breach. Do not jump to conclusions. We have a working theory.

I advise all engineers on RUUN to cease digital communications immediately. Years ago, in the last satellite, we used coded postings. I would like us to revisit this method. Postings will appear twice a week, as necessary, and will include the subsequent bulletin board drop locations. Whoever accessed the previous shop only discovered partial lists of the 121, and even those included a few transcription errors.

Rest assured production will not be behind completion schedule. You will receive the updated object lists as soon as I receive them from the Reticulites, in cluster installments. You will have a complete list by the time the RUUN must be completed. As we now know, the complete set of objects will not be "released" to Seekers until mid-September.

As a precaution, we will relocate construction to the Private Shed. Apologies for the lack of air-conditioning. This was short notice. By now you have received your relocation assignments. Please do not move anything that is not on your list, which may distract from our activity and new location.

I am grateful to those who notified me so quickly on Sunday. And all who have been working on this impossible undertaking for so long. This break-in was disturbing to us all, and I appreciate your hard work and commitment. As you know, the fate of the parasite itself depends on the completion of the RUUN.

Cluster: Futures: 1. Last Angel of History, 2. Digital Picture Frame, 3. Sun Ra Record, 4. AOL Floppy Disk, 5. Emoji Movie Poster, 6. Raspberry Pi, 7. Roller Blades, 8. Crystal ball, 9. 2028 Calendar, 10. The Jetsons VHS+VCR, Privileged object: Gas Mask

Provisionally secret,

The Engineer

P.S. Within our tetrastigm, one special ellipse with zero eccentricity and foci coincident. Continue from the center, directly northeast. Meet in this Franco mill with political aspirations.

Encrypted Text Edit

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