The tumblr blog "redmonkschicago" is run by Daniel Lipson, a masters' student at the University of Chicago. The page can be found here:

On the page, Lipson has been logging sightings of fliers seen around the country that has the PS logo on them. Supposedly, this project is a follow-up to the article he wrote in June on the Society of the Owl and Serpent, the University of Chicago's historical secret society that has a similar logo to the PS logo (the PS one just has a squirrel added). His article is here:

The fliers, which he has posted pictures of, have some pretty unconvincing descriptions or schematics of mundane items: 3D glasses, some DVD, etc.

Later, he started asking for volunteers to interview University of Chicago alumni in cities around the country. One of these interviews was with an alum named Brenna Domnaus who gave some information about something called the "Great Game."